I just recently bought an rg 370dx and i like it so far seeing that i got it for $350.00 I just recently noticed something wrong though. the 1-3 frets on the high e string sound out of tune or kinda buzzy. is there a specific reason for this and can it get fixed? the guy i bought it from is great at playing and fixing guitars so maybe i can get him to look at it. also was getting the guitar for 350 a good deal?

when i decide to upgrade what would be a good ibanez guitar to get that has somewhat of the same feel but of course better pickups and a good trem system?
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fret buzz probably caused by truss rod. a good setup would get rid of it.

prestige rgs are your best bet if you want to upgrade later.
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if you want to upgrade eventually definently get a schecter i dont care any one says but they r the best damn guitar out there. and you just need to adjust your fretboard or trus road if its a bolt on or maybe raise the strings that could help
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thanks guys ill let this guy know and check it out im sure he can get it done.
Hello, My name is Armando and im your bunny
Hes only saying Schecters are the best guitars ever because he has one himself,

he's right, they're good guitars, but Ibanez's are great guitars also,

I was thinking of buying the RG370DX but i changed my mind and now i'm saving for an RG1820X Prestige.

Another problem is the Edge III. Maybe that's the reason why it's out of tune.

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