One time I was browsing the interwebz and I spotted a nifty little foot pedal. So I called the guy up and said bring the foot pedal to the Mall, and he did, and I payed him the money, and he couldn't have been more polite.
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Well I made an encounter between the father of a kid who I hate and a prostitute from Craigslist who was looking for the kid.... The kid was grounded for like a month, it was great. I really wish I had video or pictures of it, but she looked nothing like the picture on craigslist and she was wearing a trench coat and high heels.... she was dropped off by a taxi who took off after dropping her off... she looked pretty angry after the father sent her away. My friends and I who set it up drove off soon after, it was great...
The first time I read that story I was at work. I work in a call center and I was laughing so hard and stomping on the floor everyone around had to put their customers on mute so they couldn't hear me
I am the Stig.