ok my buddy is convinced that a new amp will do me more good than a new guitar but i think hes crazy.

i have an ashland j400 or something like that cheap ibanez ripoff and a line 6 spider 3 30w amp. this guitar sucks ass and sounds like **** essentially. cheap thin sound with no great tone.

i was gonna get an epi les paul or agile al3000 and put sd custom/59 in it. and he goes dont even bother with that guitar until u get urself a real halfstack or cab. tell me what u think will that guitar farly outplay that amp? is he right?
spend some time around here and people will tell you, tone is all about the amp. they tells the truths.
If you have thin tone, problem is the amp (especially Line 6, which is either the worst or second worst after MG). So get a TUBE amp. What's your budget?

BTW, your buddy really know his stuff. He may be better at recommending a tube amp, since he actually know your style.
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