I always find my self in quite a predicament when I'm flipping through the party shuffle on my iTunes and a catchy song comes on, but then I switch windows to see who wrote it, only to find a band that is despised.

Anyways...for me its:

Hate- Blue October
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I used to hate Panic at the disco, and I know their not really emo anymore, but their new album is really a great piece of work, That Green Gentlemen or whatever is a pretty catchy tune and I think they finally realized that they were making Record company music,not THEIR music.

EDIT: Blue October aren't really emo, and the song is Called Helena not Helen.
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MCR and Panic at the Disco are not emo...
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Panic! At The Disco's "She Had The World" I kinda like. Also FOB's "Sugar, We're Going Down" i never really hated.


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The most brutal band to ever exist is...

You should go like them...even if you don't like them.

Isn't emo like Rites of Spring and stuff like that?

Anyway, I like MCR's Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge..
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I don't hate them. It's just, I only know this one song.

Saetia-One Dying Wish

I think he means MTV emo.