Hey guys, i bought some 13 strings for drop c and drop db tuning the other day. when i put them on my bridge bent forward heaps so we took it back to the store and they said they would add another spring inside the guitar and it would make the bridge go back down.

if i decide that 13's are too thick for the tunings im using will i be able to go back to 12s or 11s or will i have to get the spring taken out?

Comments are greatly appreciated

I think you can just relax your tension A LOT, but im no pro. I dont think it would hurt to try, but someone needs to check that statement
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short answer: yes you will be able to use those strings with that extra spring, however your bridge will be sucked flat to the body, so it will not be floating (no up bends at all)

Ok, you need to find out how all the parts of a guitar with a tremolo system interact with each other.
The springs balance the tension of the strings, the saddles will control intonation and string height (above 12 fret) the truss rod will control string height (below 12 fret).

This is basically how things work, but REMEMBER, all of those aspects are INTERRELATED and getting them all perfect just takes practice with the system.

Let me know if this isn't clear to you, cause it can be a pain in the ass to fix things if you go tightening this and loosening that and you're doing the wrong things.
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as soon as i saw this post, i thought "WFT!? 13's for C and C#?! SUPER TENSION!"

then i realized it was on a floating trem and almost shat.

THEN, i saw you wanted thinner strings (dean markley 12-52 are premium )

should be able to have them remove a spring, not worth messing about in there on your own.

stay under 13's if you're not going below C.

i just strung up with 13's for playing in dropped B and A#.

that felt nice.

You can add and remove your own springs as you wish to balance the tension, its very easy.

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hey man, do you think 13's are too thick for db and drop c?

two men at the shop said it would be fine, as long as they dont sound crap.

also do u mean i wont be able to use my tremelo?
deftonesordie, that pisses me off alot because its costed me 40 bucks to get it adjusted, i dont want to spend more to get it adjusted again. will i have to?
read more about floating trems and string tension and adjust it yourself. it's absolutely unnecessary to spend money to get it set up.