so ive been playing guitar for a few years and ive always been an ear player so i have no experience in scales, keys, technique or anything. and recently ive been playing with more experienced people who might ask me to play a lick over a minor and i feel like a retard cause i have no clue what there talking about.

so im asking for everyone hear to post links to print outs that i can read and apply to my playing


- everything possible

and dont be scared to post to much cause i want my playing to be the best it can be

* i cant seem to find anything good on my own and im not sure what i need to know
but id like to be able to improvise solos and blues pretty well
Well, start with the major and (natural) minor scales. Also check out the pentatonic major and minor scales.

P.S. This isn't Pit-talk.
but the pit knows best

but i posted a question about this there a while ago and got no help
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but the pit knows best

Contrary to popular belief, the Pit is a dumbass.
I usually use the Musician Talk forum.

And in all seriousness, they are incredibly talented and knowledgeable people there. Just don't sound pretentious and act like you are smarter than them, because (don't take offense to this) you aren't, they know a lot about music theory.

Scales are the basis of soloing. You'll hear major scale as the first thing to learn. Type major scale into google. Bingo, you will be on your way to becoming a master at guitar.
Musician talk, electric guitar.

These places will help you greatly, and i believe there's a stickied theory FAQ thread in MT. Give it a visit.