o.k well im getting confused.
When people are talking about keys and whatnot, and they something like
"used C mixolydian b6 over the first two chords.....and F mixolydian b6 over the next two chords...."
what does it mean when they say b6?
and i did take that quote from a thread here, just a second ago, sry.

also, how do you tell what key a song is in?
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It means the you flat what ever the 6 is in that mode.
So whatever the flat is, bring it one half-step down.

Second question: You start by find the root-note. You then find the other notes are associated in the song. Sometimes you can just tell by the way the key souds, or the notes you've all figured out. Modes are kind of a funny thing to explain. Maybe someone better could do that for you.
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mixolydian is basically a scale, with the starting note being an F in this case. the b6 means that the sixth of the scale is flatted, and you can find all this out if you go to the lessons section and look at the second modes lesson.

also, im not sure of a surefire way to get the key of a song, i usually find a good way to solo over it in a major scale then whatever it is is the key. but there are easier ways im sure.
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It is a way of comparing a scale to the major scale.

We need some way of discussing how scales relate to each other, or differ from each other and because keys change we use numbers to represent the 8 notes of the scale.
Everything is compared to the Major Scale the seven notes of which are represented by numbers
1 2 3 4 5 6 7

P.S. Also I read that thread you quoted and the guy was actually using the Dorian Mode which is 1 2 b3 4 5 6 b7 and flatting the 6th also which just ends up as being the Natural Minor Scale 1 2 b3 4 5 b6 b7

To figure out the key you need to analyze the notes used in the chords or melody - whatever you have. Write all the notes down and line them up in order from lowest to highest deleting any double ups. Then you can either look at what sharps and flats you've got. And check out your key signatures. Then you should be able to figure it out from there.
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