I want to buy a tube head and play it through my solid state combo. Using my combo as a cab. Is that possible?
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unsauder it though
however you spell sauder

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unsolder what?
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He may not have to I'm running my 6505+ through my MG's 2x12 and all I had to do was unplug the speakers and plug them into the head.
Well make sure the 'cab' can handle it.
And I would think that you attach a jack to the positive/ negative wires that run to the speaker.

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It should be, you would have to make sure that the wattage for the head doesn't exceed the combo's.

Your best bet would probably be to just buy a cab if you're going to do anything like that.

I would recommend to just use your combo, or buy a full half stack if you feel like you have to, but your combo will most likely be more than enough for any gig you would do.
unsolder the wires from your amp in the combo and solder the wires from the head into the speakers
but just get a half stack.
i wouldnt **** with it if i were you man.