Can anyone reccomend any? With vocals, but with alot of cool instrumental/electronic sections. If there was an active rec thread that I missed then my bad, I didn't see one anywhere.
Team Sleep is pretty awesome. Boulevard Nights is my favorite. Try some Mars Volta (De-Loused in the Comatorium to be more specific)? Or some Portishead.
The Notwist kind of falls within those specs, though they are decidedly more indie than Team Sleep. I've'nt gotten into their new one, The Devil You and Me yet, but Neon Golden is a really good album.
EDIT: Here's a couple of their songs that I think are pretty cool
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Yeah sounds cool, thanks. To the guy above, I find the singer from mars volta voice really annoying, thanks anyway though. Anyone got anything else?
Yeah if you haven't already got them get saturday night wrist and white pony by Deftones, those albums sound really similar to Team Sleep. Also check out Thrice's concept album called the alchemy index, especially Volume II (water). Good luck with it.
Trip Hop.. if you dig chick singers, check out Portishead, Hooverphonic, Morcheeba, etc..

Or how about some Depeche Mode.. they were a big influence on Deftones
Hi! I'm recording my new EP and I'm looking for a female singer to be featured on one of my new songs. The genre is pretty much Team Sleep-ish. The person should speak English and be able to sing in English, plus it'd be awesome if she had connections with her local record studios to go record her vocal parts as I'm planning to work remotely. It's all really simple! Contact me if you feel like doing it. The track is really catchy and should sound amazing! Please, don't bother to get in touch if you have no opportunity to record your vocals professionally or your services are not free. We'll just waste our time.
Check out the raw version here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOqNZbXjXro Sorry to be out of tune on thr 3rd verse, it's too high-pitched but this is exactly where the girl should sing.
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