This isn't actually a full length song, or a song at all, but just some riff ideas that sound cool too me.
It kindof has an As I Lay Dying feel in some parts, and in the breakdown, it reaks of August Burns Red.
Or atleast, that's my opinion, now tell me yours, eh
Neat-o song ideas.zip
It's a good metalcore song but it's kinda simple and repetitive.... also you should add some harmonies into the riffs, you know twin-guitar harmony thingies
Haha, dude, did you read what I said??
It's not a SONG, it's just IDEAS, I know they're repetitive, because they're all in the same scale (C minor) and they're all kindof based on the same metalcore style, I just want too know what ones sound the best, etc.
Those are some really good ideas, they could be used and put into really good songs, itd make a hell of a metalcore song.

P.S. my metalcore is sitting this forum if u wanna go check it out, its under metalcore song, with my name.
Wont be hard to miss =)

Yes, poop.
I like it Tylerzors, you're totally talented.
I'm a fan of your work .
You should blend them into a 20 minute speed metal symphony. (Cacaphony pun :P, kind of, not really.)
'Cause nothin' lasts forever
Even cold November rain
I'm not going to lie.
I am a metalcore guy too so its not racism or whatever.
Check my band...

But, I don't like half these riffs.
The only ones I like are the prebreak down and breakdown.
Everything else was washed up metalcore that didn't catch my attention.

Try to at least harmonize some sections.
That adds to the musical nature of the song.

Try to stay away from.

its just boring and I've heard it way to much.

I'm sure your going to get mad at me for all that but it is constructive criticism.
If you wanna take a look at my stuff I'll edit with link.

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Haha, dude Flying Poo, I take constructive critisism, and I wasn't particularly done with the stuff, I just kindof copy and pasted, I was too lazy too harmonize.

But I get what you're saying about the riffage I should stay away from, I guess I should have called it "STEREOTYPICAL metalcore/hardcore song/ riff ideas instead", haha

Thanks for the crit though