I love the sound of my GK 4x10, but at a very bulky and awkward 93lbs, i don;t particularly like dragging it back and forth to practice (in two bands who practice in separate locations) so I've been looking to pick up a 2x10 cab that needs to not weigh a ton, handle 225w @ 8 ohms, and handle 400w @ 4ohms (chained with the 4x10 or shows), as well as keeping up with either a pair of 120w guitar combos or a pair of half-stacks, and in both cases, a pair of singers and a drummer that dosen't have a volume knob. Any suggestions, or should i be looking for something else?
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That's what my friend has and it sounds so good. His handles 300w+

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Anyone makes a 2x10 cab, from Aguilar to GK. It really depends on your budget.

GK 2x10

Here's a matching 2x10. In my opinion, I'd match up a 4x10 with a 1x15, for an added punch to compliment the definition of a 4x10. A 1x15 is also a fine cab for just practice, as most combos start with a 1x15 speaker. I'd suggest looking into both options at a local guitar store, so you can compare for yourself.

What does your budget look like?
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get a 1x15 to give your rig a nicer tone, it would even out the 4x10 quite nicely
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wouldn't the GK Neos do this exact thing for you?

and if your only problem with your current amp is weight... why not just move it less frequently, and/or get a friend with multiple arms to help?
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