i am a vocalist/ bassist for my band.
and i got a show coming up where it will be my first time on stage singing.
can you guys give me some tips that might help me out on stage.
are you the frontman
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Say the word "f*ck" a lot in your head. Imagine yourself as some mean-talking biker dude.
But be careful to never say it aloud. That is low class.

And remember to be funny. This is a good way to avoid being yourself if your self is not funny.

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i am a vocalist/ bassist for my band.
and i got a show coming up where it will be my first time on stage singing.
can you guys give me some tips that might help me out on stage.

erm... be confident?
do what you normally do?
haha I do vocals too, can't wait for my first time on stage...... I'm planning on just being comfortable and acting as if i've done it before... get active with the audience and let them have a good time and show your having a good time move around and stuff....don't just stand and look scared cuz they will notice and not have as good of a time haha.... good luck!
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Try to relax, for your first gig all you need to remember is that you are simply repeating what you did in rehearsal on stage.
If anything goes wrong, don't make a big deal of it, laugh it off and put it down to experience.
Get into what you are playing and try to move along with the groove, don't just stand there ridgid with fear and above all else, enjoy yourself, because enjoyment is contagious and will affect the audience's opinion of you.
Have a couple of lines between some of the songs rehearsed if you think you may freeze up and not be able to think of anything to say to the audience, but don't talk for too long, the crowd are there to listen to music.
Always say 'thankyou' if the crowd applauds.
If they don't, say 'thankyou' anyway, sometimes an audience won't applaud until you actuly say 'thankyou' and if they still don't applaud, well at least you were polite.
Just don't do it, if you're confident in your abilities you'll have no problem. The biggest problem I usually see is vocalist who are going on stage (even with prior experience) who are not confident in their voice, and don't get the same energy in their singing. Emotion plays a HUGE part in a vocal performance, you just need to go full out and sing with as much power, energy, and emotion as you can.
Get into the songs, dont just stand there and sing it. Motion, and emotion, very essential. You should be able to get right into a groove
The stage should be a Zero-Inhibition Zone. Loosen up.

However it's usually best to keep your pants on.
pick one part of the wall
like,a blank bit of wall
and focus on that peice of wall
or pretend the audience are all in there underwear
the first works for me
but it makes you look a bit gormless
coz your like,staring into space
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When I get nervous at a show, I close my eyes and pretend we're practicing. But don't just stand there. Move your body to the music.
If you're comfortable at practice, then maybe that'll work for you.
I like Fall Out Boy.
That is all.
you should sing a lot at home out loud so your family can hear. If you do this for a period of time, your personality will change to be more out going and fearless of attention. The better time you have on stage, the better time every one else will have. it works for me at least.
When you screw something up, and you are bound to screw something up, just roll with it like nothing happened. The worst stage presence in the world comes from admitting your mistakes on stage or acting in anyway that emphasizes them. I've skipped my share of verses, or improvised bizzare a-melodic bridges in the middle of a pleasant song many a time (among other things) all for the sake of not missing a beat and acting like I meant to do whatever the hell it is I just did.

I've seen people cringe, add lines about screwing up, or even start a song over.. IMO these are cardinal sins of live performance.

Confident singers who suck are nearly always better than skillful singers with no confident force in a live rock music setting.

As a fellow bass player I will give you this sad advice too. If somehow your singing and playing get off track, screw the bass line and pound out some lame ass root notes (or whatever easy thing you feel most comfy with) until you are back on top vocally. 95% of the crowd can't even pick bass out of the mix anyway and extreme attention to bass playing detail in such an environment is sometimes more stress than it's worth.