i appologize if this is the wrong section, it seemed like the best place to put this. I picked up this guitar at a yard sale for $30, it works just fine. I'm trying to figure out what model is it though. can't find anything that looks like it at ibanez.com. if anyone knows by this picture i would greatly appreciate it. also, i can take any other needed pictures.

Try looking behind the head, there should be a number there.

Also, however good or bad it is, let me tell you that for $30 you got a bargain.
Looks like the same one I have... It might be a grg20 or grx20, something like that, I forget the letters.
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I wish i could find a guitar for $30

Look on the neck join, the serial number might tell you something. Post it here.
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thanks for the replies
is the serial number, googling that showed nothing though
Looks like a GSZ, SZ shape, humbuckers, fixed bridge, 3-a-side headstock.

I'm 100% sure it's that.
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