so im going out of town for a few weeks and i want to bring my coustic guitar but all i have is pretty high priced taylor.

so what is te cheapest acoustic guitar out there that preferably comes with some sort of case. (it will be on a plane)

and ill prob only play it that week and then it will rot in the attic so cheaper the better
i dunno about cheap but you could get one of those backpacker guitars the really small ones

there you go http://www.zzounds.com/item--DAVGBPC
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I bought a ****ty acoustic for £30 off eBay - brand new. It's got a crappy tone, you could fit a steam-train under the action BUT I have taken it on numerous camping trips, stag weekends and other such excursions and it's always done the biz. Plus I know that if it does get screwed it's not going to be the end of the world.
musician's friend sells a rogue guitar for like $50. I don't know what the case situation is though.
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i'd look at the guitars under $300 thread and then get on eBay if i were you.

where are you going? why don't you want to take your taylor there?
i just gotta washburn ro10 (rover) travel guitar
its bombass

i was just likue and didnt wanna bring my beautiful taylor anywhere
the rover's real nice

martin backakcers suck
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im going hiking and i dont want to bring a good guitar through the snow and rain. etc
ahhh it makes sense since you are going hiking. going to the AT?

also, if you are going backpacking... bringing along a full-size acoustic guitar is a worse idea than you think. i've tried it. they add more weight to your pack than you expect and they are really cumbersome in the woods. just wanted to let you know in case you are about to learn the hard way like i did. if you're going backpacking and want to bring a guitar... get a backpackers guitar. you'll be sorry otherwise.