Ill be ordering a few pedals soon, and i still havent decided on delay. Im not sure if it makes a difference, but its gonna be used ona 6505+, so almost all metal. My price range is up to around $150. A ton of options and delay effects arnt a huge deal to me, I just want somethin that sounds not too digital and generic sounding. Thoughts?
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Do you really want an analog delay? Because digital and analog delays are pretty different when it comes to sound and I prefer digitals. You sound like you havent heard an analog delay before. No offense and correct me if im wrong. But, I have heard that the carbon copy is now one the most preferred analog delay now. Another option is ehx memory man

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with your price range, boss compact pedals i'd say.
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I agree with mothership
the boss DD-3 is great
it has a great sound
I got mine pretty cheep
dd-3 for sound quality

dd-7 for all the features and good sound
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is this newer metal you're playing? and you're sure you want analog?

for the money, i have to say theres nothing better than the ibanez de-7, which can be found for about $45 on ebay. play one before you rule it out.
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Delay for metal? Ridiculous. It takes whatever sound comes in and repeats it. Doesn't give a shat what sound that is.

And +1 to the guy above me.
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how bout the T-rex replica? i've been meaning to try it out, but i dont know how well it would take distortion

EDIT: sorry, not trying to highjack your thread
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The Boss DD-5 I'm selling would be perfect for you IMHO. If your interested shoot me a PM.
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