i bought an old fender body about 6 months ago and its just been sitting in my closet. today i finally decided to do something with it.

i sanded it all down and went over it with some 800 grit to make it real smooth. then i gave it a coat of stain but now that its dry its quite rough and sticky. is this supposed to be like that or did i put to much stain on??

ive given it a light sand but its still quite rough.

now my other problem is that ive just noticed that the stain has varnish in it as well (maybe thats what my earlier problem is) anyways i wanna do a burst with either black or cream and im worried that the paint wont stick to the varnish?

if i give a light sand round the edges of the guitar will the paint stick?

heres a pic of her so far:
What kind of product have you actually used on it? Did you fill the grain first? I'm assuming it's alder, so depending on the grain, it might have needed filling, depending on the actual piece of wood.
i dont know if it was alder, didnt feel like it need filling. it was quite smooth before i sanded it. would this be right?

its called wattly colourwood all in one satin dark mahogany.
I've got an Ash telecaster body I'm about to dye - it feels nice and smooth, but if you look really carefully you can see the pores in the grain - the problem with woods that have grain like that is that the finish can sink into the pores.

I really have no idea whether you can salvage what the finish on there - if it's got varnish in it, I reckon it'll need sanding back - you should have a read or reranch to see about staining/dyeing guitar bodies.
il give it a decent sand tomorrow and give it a real thin coat and see what happens. hopefully its just because it hasnt been at least 24 hours and its not quite fully dry.
sand it back a bit
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