Just a quick question. When you sweep pick say three or 4 notes at the same fret position on 3 or 4 consecutive strings; so say:


how do you fret these properly with the fretting hand?
Do you use all 4 fingers (besides the thumb) like you normally would when sweep picking? Or is there some technique you can use with maybe only 1 or 2 fingers?

But then wouldn't u risk bending the strings as you pull your finger down? <-- rhetorical question (unless it's answerable)
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Roll your fingers so it'd release the previous note and play the next, don't forget to use your picking hand to dampen the strings you're not playing though.

Thanks for your fast responses, but i'm just a bit confused. In the video, the guy uses his fretting hand finger to roll over and mute the strings he is no longer playing, but you just said to use my picking hand? :S