What about cool sounding blues riffs? I want to get into blues and maybe jazz, but havent figured out how yet.

Im into metal, classic rock, classical and progressive stuff. Id say my playing skills are about intermediate, I can finger pick, do bends, hammer ons, know major/minor/pentatonic/blues scales, know a fair bit of music theory and am learning the fret board. I can play the scales pretty fast and I've come up with some of my own stuff. IMO blues is the king of improvisation and the soul of music. Wanna get into it, but I'm completely stumped as to how.

Suggest some bluesy riffs and/or songs that I could learn?
Mate some AC/DC and Cream etc... Rock and Roll by Led Zep. MAte as clapton once said "go back as far as u dare" jsut o to the oldest stuff u can. And of course chuk berry and BB King.

Good luck and if u need more detailed advice jsut PM me
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Listen to some blues players like BB King, SRV, Clapton, etc. Try to learn a few of their licks, which shouldn't be too difficult, as you said that you know the blues scale. And pay attention for the minute details of HOW they're playing their notes, rather than just what notes their playing- listen for vibrato, how hard/soft they're picking, how they're bending, etc. It's fairly easy to be a good blues player, but to be on the same level as the aforementioned players isn't even remotely so. And jazz is a whole different story. Stick with the blues for now