Hi I want to build an octave up pedal that can go up an octave or two but doesn't distort or only distorts a little.

Has anyone out there in UG land build something like this? Or know of a circuit similar to what I want to build?

Your help would be much appreciated!

Wouldn't that be hard??
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or just get a Digitech Whammy pedal... their really nice and have a lot of features...

I really dont know how you would pull that off otherwise
the Digitech Whammy has a digital signal path, so unless you have the technology to program one your self, its probably not gonna happen. There are a lot of octave fuzz schematics out there, but those are fuzz's not clean octaves.

BTW, i have a Whammy, and i would say it is worth the 200 bucks if you learn to use it creatively.