Hi guys, just wondering if you know what Wah or effects are used in the Glass Prison for the solo in Part III and at the beginning (1:50 into the song), that Wah part there.

That's damn cool, and I want it

i guess its just a normal wah pedal although we all know Petrucci is a total effects ***** so he could have about a million on there.....
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it is just a normal wah, i dunno what type petrucci uses, but i use a Dunlop Zakk Wylde Wah, and that sounds killer so try that one.
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Ok, cheers, I thought he used a special made wah or something, because my mate has a Dunlop 535Q, and can't get it to sound nowhere close, but looks like we'll have to mess around with the settings.
He uses a rack wah. Custom made for petrucci. Same as kirk, satriani and everyone else. Don't be fooled how dunlop advertise crybabies.

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