online punk band
im gonna be bass send me a mp3 of you playing ill be checking this thread in the morning i would prefer a PT only send your mp3s to my email plz. we need a rythem,
lead, drummer, and vocalist if there not one in the same so go ahead a reply or PT me ill be online for another 15-30 mins so yeah hope we can get this running.


oh yeah go a head and get reaper it says you have to pay but you really dont iv had it forever so dont freak.

thanks for looking.
yeah just you playing it dosnt have to be perfect i just want to see how well you are thats all.
check my profile... its just some improv stuff... i have more mp3s if you like it
well i sent you something to your email... its more metalcore then punk but its close lol
Meh i might as well stop being lazy... I'll go record something
ok send me what you record im lisntening to the one sent me how long you been playing. are you self taught
I've been playing for about 12 years now...been serious for about 7 or 8.. and I am self taught to an extent... I'm taking an Advanced Music Comp class at my college so... But i was self taught up until that
cool iv only been playing for 6 months lol hope i can keep up with yeah did you want lead or rythem.
holy **** its already 4 lol
meh its 6 here... but i dont work today so its cool... and i dont really mind its up to you considering your the one facilitating this... btw the punk thing is sent now
Reaper seems a bit more user-friendly... and ARWIzard is crappy in its free version... its only good if you buy it
ok ill let you get used to reaper for now im going to sleep for a few hours when you gonna be on tomorrow?