Hey everyone,
I'm a metal Guitarist and I love to go to friends and jame an stuff, but I think my tube combo is a tad bit 2 heavy... As in difficult to carry.
I dont drive, so I carry my crap everywhere...

So I want a smaller SS amp that sounds good. Something loud though.
A budget Amp also, no current number, but keep it KINDA cheap...
Would a Microcube be loud enough?
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i wouldnt get the microcube. I dont think they sound as good anyway. Get the regular cube. Hell you can carry it they aren't that big and they don't weigh that much.
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Crate TX 15, for portability and using outside and stuff, has a battery that will last up to 8 hours.

other than that, Cube, for sure
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A microcube for ultimate portability in a metal amp, but you'll have to either sacrifice volume for portability or vice versa. It's hard to have both.
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the vox da-5 is not to bad. can be battery operated for sittin outside drinkin some barley pops or going camping. search craigslist i found one like new for $50 bucks.
Cube 30 (used) if you always are able to plug in. MicroCube or Da5 if you want battery power. MicroCubes get the metal vote.
well to me i mean... unless you just need battery power as far as carrying an amp places the cube 30 isn't heavy. I mean if you're to lazy to carry that thing and have to have a microcube you don't need to be playing no way. lol the microcube just sounds like a toy to me. It's like playing through a little amp kids have. lol