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As I couldn't find any thread dedicated entirely to this great glam metal band,I decided to make one myslef.W.A.S.P. was the first glam metal band that I really got into,being a thrash metal fan before it (and still am,just with wider tastes in metal),and remains a band with the best love song ever!-Animal (F*ck Like A Beast)!
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[quote="'']Not shure if it should be in here or 80's rock. tbh I don't really care lol
Yeah, should be be in the 80's forum.
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Gonna see W.A.S.P. in two weeks, gonna be amazing

Crimson Idol is one of the best albums ever made, brilliant songwriting
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Hellyeah W.A.S.P. kicks ass Im 16 but my parents listened to them and I just loved the gouhlish sound now im into both Glam and Thrash Metal. Saw W.A.S.P. in febuary here in NY and they kicked ass about 250 people but Blackie was a total dick he didnt say one word to the audience just ****in played the hell out of Crimson Idol,no encore. There are plenty of great Glam bands like Ratt, W.A.S.P.,Dokken, Hanoi Rocks, Motley Crue, Great White, L.A. Guns then you had bands like Pretty Boy Floyd, Trixter, Britny Fox, Warrant,ect. that were just pure cheese.
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Yeah, should be be in the 80's forum.

WASP are very much metal.....at least they were/are by far the heaviest of all the glam bands, if you can even call them glam.

Seen them twice now, absolutely wicked both times.
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