I'm looking for a good practice amp at the moment.. everyone says the amp's more important than the guitar so i thought a new amp should take priority over replacing pickups etc..

The stuff I play ranges from soft melodic stuff to just messy fuzz (Silversun pickups, etc.) so i'd like it to have some good gain. : )

Cheers guys
what's ur budget? look at some crate V18 or V5, they are small tube amps at a good price.
I like the Fender blues Jr. and for less money the Tech 21 Vintage 30 is a bit less expensive and sounds really good for a solid state amp. Not as useful for band practice unless you can go direct to the PA.
If you don't need a ton of distortion, maybe get a small Fender combo with an overdrive pedal. Yngwie Malmsteen even uses the tiny Fenders.
I've got a (cheap as free) fender frontman reverb thing doing the job right now right now.. so I was looking at other amps. I'll go with the pedal idea though.. any suggestions on those?
I have a Boss DS-1 that does the job rather well, and is right up your alley (40 bucks US, dunno how much BOSS products cost in Scotland). The Electro Harmonix Big Muff is another good choice.