It is called Essential Acoustic Playlist. I found it in a music shop and decided to get it cos the songs on there sound pretty good and i know most of the songs. But only problem is, i'm trying to find songs that are intermediate.

so i'll give you a couple of what i'd like to play and can some people tell me what skill/level it is? cos i dont have a clue whether or not they are beginner/intermediate or whatever..thanks.

anyway here are some of them:

Next year - Foo Fighters
Warning - Green Day
Teenage Dirtbag - Wheatus
Mellow Doubt - Teenage Fan Club
Karma Police - Radiohead
Heaven knows i'm miserable now - the smiths
Hotel Yorba - the white stripes
It's a shame about Ray - Lemonheads
There goes the fear - Doves.

(if you want the whole playlist just let me know..it seems like a good book)
ha ha...nice word!! =P
yeah, i've been looking at them and they do seem pretty easy..anyway, thanks!!
if anyone else has other opinions on the level..then go ahead and post!!
i don't know a few of those songs but the ones i do know would all be considered beginner songs imo.