So I know there's been a few threads on how MANY Weet-Bix people eat (which is stupid, seeing how anything over 3 is way too much energy for the vast majority of people anyway), but I haven't seen one on how you actually have them.

I have one of two combinations:
- 2, lots of cold milk, honey (liberally applied)
- 2, lots of warm milk, 2 sugars.

Be sure to include any fruit or whatever you have on it.

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lol, good thread idea, caught my eye...

ummm, ok, i do it kinda strangely

1 mug of milk, full to the brim. box of weet bix. dip it in, and only eat the dunked part. I just keep eating until im full, normally get to about 6 or 7.

but you couldnt pay me to eat soggy ones. ewww
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That could be the single most logical, helpful response ive ever gotten from UG.
Thank you very much.

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wow. i don't give these out much, but...an e-cookie to GruntFuttock for being an EPIC good friend and a genius beside. bravo.
9 weet-bix, sugar, milk.
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Are these Australia only or what? How do I get some in America?

I'm sure there's some sort of generically branded wheat-biscuits in your supermarket.

Just cold milk for me!

Are you serious? NOTHING ELSE?
I don't.
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I don't eat it very much, as I don't appreciate watching a perfectly good breakfast turn to mush before I've finished putting the milk on.

And it's Weetabix over here anyway. It looks like prety much the same thing.
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I usually eat 4!

2 on the bottom layer, pour on some milk slowly till they start to swell. Sprinkle on some sugar then shove on another two ontop of that and repeat process. Add on some diced strawberrys/banana's.

Thats about as adventurous as Im willing to go.
2-3 weet-bix's.
Serving of milk.
2 teaspoons of sugar.

Proceed to heat and mash the weet-bix into a kind of porridge for the lack of a better word.
Then eat it.
It's going to be a fine night, tonight.
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Are you serious? NOTHING ELSE?

I'm very serious....... I used to use honey. But we haven't had honey in so long! We also rarely have Weetabix... Which sucks. I rarely eat cereal anymore anyway though...

What do you suggest i try?
4 Weetabix with sugar and milk.

And does anyone else think the ones in England have become smaller over the years?
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and with the other other "white meat"

If you put chicken on your Weetbix I will hunt you down and kill you.

I usually do 3 or 4 in warm milk with brown sugar applied.
You guys go through all that **** for breakfast? I don't think we have it in America but if we did I would probably just have it with milk.
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I'm very serious....... I used to use honey. But we haven't had honey in so long! We also rarely have Weetabix... Which sucks. I rarely eat cereal anymore anyway though...

What do you suggest i try?

I dunno... Milk, yoghurt and honey is pretty good sometimes (wouldn't recommend it all the time though). The same with strawberries instead of honey is good too

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In england they're called weetabix

The more you know!

I laugh at your dated and lifeless packaging.
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What are these "Weet-Bix" of which you speak? I only know Weetabix

Weetabix ftw
I buy the flavoured ones so I normally get either the chocolate chip or the Raisin and nut ones
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4 weetbix, arranged into 2 stacks of 2
I pour milk in until the top weetbix are about half undermilk and then flip one of the top ones onto the other stack making a stack of 3 and a stack of 1. I eat the singular weetbix, (weetbick?) and when thats done flip the top one on the remaining pile (the one that was originally on top of the other pile.) into the empty space made by eating the first weetbick.

This creates a pile of 2 and a singular weetbick. I then flip the top one on the pile with 2 onto the other pile, and start eating the singular one. (Now im left with a stack of 2)
I flip the top one off and have 2 stacks of one and go at the one that was on the bottom of the 2 pile. When thats done I eat the final weetbick.

No extra ****, just weetbix and cold milk.
Alternatively i get the Fruity-Bix, which kick all kinds of ass and eat 2+ bowls of that.
I used to eat Weetbix, butter, sugar and cheese.

Yep, that right.

1. Get a Weetbix.
2. Spread on some butter.
3. Sprinkle on some sugar.
4. Put on a slice of cheese.
5 ????
6. Profit

I have no idea how I came up with it
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3 to 5. With blue milk. and milo on top.

Haha I love it how Full Cream milk is called Blue milk in NZ

Is it green for low fat? or light blue? I can't remember...either way

I'll be over there next week

having my 4 Weet-Bix with Blue Milk 8P

and sugar

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Weetabix > Weet-bix fo sho'

I have 2 in a bowl and cover them with milk & sugar
weetabix are horrible with cold milk.. 4 straight up with hot milk and honey baby yeah......
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3 crushed up, milk then put it in the microwave, then heaps of sugar.
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