It might be overdone...with the Good "insert difficulty level here" songs
but i really am eager to step up with my self-studies...

I know some would seriously suggest "dude, get lessons from a pro.",
i would love to...but my resources are limited esp. in the 'time' department...

i'm trying to learn music theory based on other people's works in the net
(which helped me...a little...i'm struggling to understand it)

so i learned via learning songs...pretty much covered all the beginner songs
everyone suggested in the site...already good with chord switching, some picking and a little skipping...

took some "21 day challenge" exercises for songs at my skill level (THIS HELPS)

i need something to exercise finger picking or other techniques that i should learn more...something intermediate...and not too hard...
Well, intermediate still might be a little hard for you. You might be able to do songs that just make the "intermediate" mark but I would just stick to Beginner songs. Not all of them use chords.

Tell me what kind of music you like and I'll see what I can do.