I am a guitar player looking to start bass. All I want is a cheap, durable bass that will last a while. I want to spend around $50 U.S + shipping. I would prefer to do paypal, but I can write a check.

I've got a Squier MB4 that I've had for about 3 years which holds tuning AWESOMELY, but it has a chip taken out on the side. I'll get you some pictures if you'd like.

Basically here's the rundown

I was looking to sell it for 50$ + shipping, with the case added, just cause I don't have a use for it anymore (it's a Roadrunner soft case I bought from GC for 30$ a year back.)

The only other thing about the bass is it probably needs a new pack of strings, the current ones are DR Black Beauties which the coloring is starting to come off where you pluck at.

Let me know if your interested, or want pictures!

(Bass plays and sounds flawlessly)
I have an Ibanez TR70 that i will sell you for that price. Has Fender pickus and new strings. Let me know if interested.