Les Claypool. :P

But seriously, I'd imagine it's quite similar to the trem on a guitar. Actually, there is a guy I know who has a bass with a trem, but I hardly ever see him and I forget his name. I'll try to get in contact with him and ask him for you maybe. Unless you're just after people's thoughts.

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I saw Victor Wooten with one in a video, it sucked because I thought I was the only one who'd come up with the idea, how naive of me, I still plan to do it one day.
i was gonna do it to mine but it would of cost me over $500 so ur best bet is to buy a wammy pedal
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The tension on bass strings is many times greater than that of guitar strings. Buy a bass trem, you'll be constantly fighting with it. Also, I'm pretty sure that the only mass-produced bass trems are Floyd Rose ones, and well... Floyd Rose is... Floyd Rose.
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i couldn't find it...

Click "The Products", then Tremelo Systems and you'll see the Bass Trem systems appear.

And no, Floyd Rose don't make Bass Tremelos.
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well i clicked in the search box bass tremolo and nothing really looked like a tremolo...

edit: IFOUND THEM! thanks guys...
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Played with a guy who had one - a Kramer Bass I believe. Nothing but headaches with tuning. Every time even he breathed on the bar, at least three strings out of tune.
For how much it'll be used, get a whammy pedal, or maybe a fretless.
didn't early G&Ls have one?
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rickenbacker use hipshot stuff on their basses, so i'd imagine them to be top quality.

no experience myself though.
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