Ok, so last night I was playing my hellraiser and I went to pull out the coil tapping knob on the neck pickup. I noticed that when pushed down there was a little space between where it usually was and where I pull it up.

So after wiggling it a bit i found that it was loose. I took it off and took some Loctite 495 Instant Adhesive and put a few drops in the knob hole and stuck it back down on the base where it belongs. I played it for a bit afterwords and all was fine, so i went to bed. When i got up this morning i looked at my guitar and the adhesive had decided to run down my guitar leaving a trail of solid whitish film that I am not able to get off.

I suppose the fact that i have the white finish helps but i am not sure what to do. Can anyone tell me how to get this stuff off?

Suggestions welcome,
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