Hey i have original, analogue Electro-harmonix Small clone and a Small stone, they both come with proper electro harmonix power supplys for Australian power (you cannot buy the power supply on its own, they have to come with the pedal). I bought these both sorta out of impulse and while they're great pedals i don't get enough use out of them... and by that i mean i've used them once to test that they worked lol. and and for clarification they have never, ever been gigged, let alone left my room. They live in the box they came in, wrapped in bubble wrap. Like i said impulse buy.

They normally retail for about 250 each with power supplys
i foudn a price for the clone at $249.00
and a price for the stone at $259.00

As these are basically brand new. one 5 min play hardly counts.
I'm not sure what a good price is, so how bout a starting price of 200?
I'll consider offers.
What thats a rip off in the UK the small stone is like £35
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What thats a rip off in the UK the small stone is like £35

Those are the re-issue ones. the ones he's selling are the original first production ones
oh man, i've been looking for a used regular small clone for a month and when i saw this i just like, came alive and then you shoot me back down.

oh well, free bump
well i think it's the original, that's what it said on the lil note about it, and it has the same circitry i'm pretty sure. *edit the chours pedal says it's a reissue wither way, it's the big box, not the small nano box. And they come with the proper australian electro-harmonix power supplys, Which u can not buy on their own.

This is the small clone

and this is the small stone

Remember i'll take offers. I said 200 as a starting price as in go down from there.