People told me that a half stack will be not OK for basically home use, because it's very powerful So i am thinking to get a Randall RH50T with a 2x12 cab and also buy a THD hOt plate to low the wattage.......Will my choise be OK for home practising and gigging???

It sounds pretty good for the price but are put together like crap according to lots of indepent reviews.
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oh yeah? well larry king the slayer guitarist owns bc rich guitars. (i think)
I have had one since Summer 2007. Still going strong...i did have a problem with it. I broke the tubes with moving the amp to a cold place when it still was hot. So it was my fault. This amp has one of the best distortions i've heard. It has alot of "mesa boogie" sound in it. The Low End is extremely good and chunky. I do need a OD with it though. Overall great for metal!

Oh and it's not really put together like crap...it seems solid enough. Would not say this one is put together anything worse than a goddamn VK.
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