well i'm playing for a year now(self taught btw) and think im not progressing anymore so i started to do some new techiniques, aswell building up my speed
so i was doing this:







is it good for practicing alternate picking and building up speed? and what speed do you recoomend to start with. andwhat would be a good goal to set in speed?


Edit: what are some other, fun but not to hard techniques to learn?
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ok ya if your goin to be goin stuff like that, a metronose would be ideal. also dont just always do chromatic stuff. 1. because your only practising 4 a string picking patterns, find other things like the Am pentatonic and use that. it has 3 a strings and 2 a string. When your playing your not always doin 4 a string. Also do string skipping.
like ummm you might not be into metal but heres a song for you. its just for the idea thing. Empire by chimaira. it has a good alternate picking thing is the intro.first on the bottom two strings then on the d ang g. those are great. 2. if you just practise like 1 scale, your muscles will be so prone to playing it, everyone you play naturally with be based around that memory. So find different scales and stuff.
Umm Ya learn your scales and get a few simple backing tracks and kinda use those scales over it. but for speed and building up speed, learn your scales and write little things using 2 a string 3 a string and 4 a string picking patterns.

hope i helped. i ran into that problem a while ago. thats what my guitar teacher told me to do. :Cheers:
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fun but not to hard techniques to learn?

if it's not hard, then most of the time your not learning much.
But one thing that I noticed help with me using my pinky more and getting my fingers for agile (right word?0 was learning the harmonic minor scale. And then sweeping which will take a while, these boys can take a while.

And overall learning is just time.
Alright thnx for your help
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1234, 2341, 3412, 4123 instead. Start on Low E and work your way up.

Major and minor pentatonic

Lots of song intros

String skipping drills

various scales
Just play it as fast as you can at the point where you make NO mistakes, then try it a little faster. Wait till you play it perfectly like before, move up again. It's not the most fun though, and you'll get bored of it quick if its just the same thing over and over again.

Learn as many songs as you can, and dont be afraid to take on hard songs that you dont know if your able to do. This will not only help you get better, you'll learn new techniques and sounds that you'll keep with you when writing songs of your own. Overall, it will make you alot more versatile and able to write better songs.

Learn a song by ear. This is one of the best things you can do to learn, a good ear is very important if you are going to be writing. Take an easy song, and just try to figure it out in your head. This will do wonders for you later, and make you an infinite times better songwriter. This is going to help you get the music you hear in your head out and able for you to play on guitar.

Practice as much as you can. Theres different ways to look at the guitar, either as part of you or a hobby. Either way is fine. But if you are really serious about wanting to learn and get better, you really need to practice. 15 minutes a day may be good to someone who is just messing around, but if you really want to progress, practice as much as you can.

Learn your theory too, this will help you alot also.
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Man, like the other friends told, parcice the chromatic with the metronome.

Try too, 134, 134, 134 by Alternate combine with Sweeing, Down Uo Down, Down Up Down,...

Learn all the types of scales, all the shapes of the Major scale, all the shape of the Minor scale, all the shape of the blues, pentatonic and more...

Train the legato too

Learn how much solo you cant with the better speed you can with cleanly playing with the metronome and by the time speed up!


AWESOME site for impoving your playing. It has everything you qould want to know to improve your playing (scales, chords, arpeggios, technique excersizes, etc) all for FREE! The first thing you sould do after reading this post is go to the website, hit the technique button on the left hand side, and practice the Finger Gym. It has improved my playing drastically over the past month.
http://groups.ultimat e-guitar.com/aa08s/

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Rather than just doing a lot of that chromatic crap (which everyone seems to love.
It's simply of limited usefulness.) try using some scales to practice your technique.
Pretty much any technique you can think of can be practiced with a scale. That
way you're actually using something musical, training your ear, and is something
you might be more likely to actually use playing MUSIC. That's actually a lot of
what scale practice is for.