I recieved my new one today, it has the emg hz h4 pick ups in, but i can't seem to squeal atm... Is this just because i haven't worn the strings in yet?
Squealing is mostly down to technique, although distortion helps.

If you can't get pinched harmonics on your new guitar, try unplugging it and playing them acoustically.

If you can get a good pinched harmonic without the amp, but you can't really hear it when it's plugged in, try messing around with the settings on your amp a little. If you on the other hand can't get a pinched harmonic at all (with or without the amp) it's a matter of technique.

Try moving your hand around a little untill you find a 'sweet spot'. If that doesn't help, look up a few tutorials to see what you're doing wrong.
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if you could do it on your other guitar but not this one it could be the actions too low on the ZW.
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If the action is too low it won't come out. As Zakk once said.
Also, check the intonation.

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You can't squeal with it because Les Pauls dont have tremelo bars!

Just kidding. Try it acoustically, and if it works, then mess with your amp. If it doesnt, you either dont know how to do them right or your action is way too low. If you have the money, I'd reccomend bringing it into a shop to get it set-up. Epiphone makes some decent guitars, but alot of the time they way they arrive is bad.
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