Just seen this at SS.org and thought I'd repost it over here-

Quote, myspace bulletin from Dino himself:

Quote by Dino Cazares
Read my wife's blog, about the incident with tommy vext this past weekend and the metal mayhem show.

Very important repost if you can

http://blog. myspace. com/index. cfm...ogID=414885903

Her blog goes on to say-

Quote by Mrs Cazares
Current mood: Traumatized

Last night @ The Metal Mayhem Festival, Having a great time with awesome friends backstage. Out of no where comes a beer and fist straight to my face (so horrifying and painful) that.....somebody (Tommy Vext). He has my husband by the hair (it all was so sudden) next thing you know the live nation guards pushed us all over stopping everything and it took several guards to take Tommy down, they took him down and he hit his head on the ground cutting his head open, and even then he was still pulling my husband's hair, and not letting go. I was struggling to get out of this mess of people. I don't really realize what's going on! Tommy Vext, (New Snot Singer,Ex-Divine Heresy) tried attacking Dino for no reason, i was terrified i feared for my life this guy 5 times my size he could of killed me literally. I assure you absolutely unprovoked. Everybody knows Tommy has a history of being a loose canon and ready to explode at any moment.This is the 2nd time Tommy has assaulted Dino in recent month's the 1st assault being in Poughkeepsie New York. To make matters worse we had the sherrifs escort us out because we truly feared for our lifes and as we were escorted out Tommy yelled "ALL YOU FAGGOTS IN CALI NEED SECURITY GUARDS YOU ARE ALL PUSSIES".....Does this mean everywhere we go we always have to worry that this lunatic is going to attack me or my husband at any of the events we are working? Or Dino is signing at?. I was working for Revolver Magazine And Musicians intitute and Dino was doing a signing,This really worries me because me and Dino are working on having our first baby and I can't have this kind of drama going on everywhere we go not to mention my health and stress. This doesn't help when you are trying to get pregnant or already are pregnant in the early stages.Seriously a girl should never experience something like this by a man's hand. This guy is sick and needs professional help. Women if you are in this position please contact the support network for battered women at Domestic Violence, Battered Women, Charitable Donations - Support Network for Battered Women

If thats a little long, I'll summarise it for you-

Tommy Vext was fired from Dino's project, Divine Heresy. I think he got firef for pushing Dino over in stage or something similar. He's joined a new band, but at the Metal Mayhem festival, he decided to try and beat up Dino and punched his wife in the face.


Seriously, what a prick.
Are they pressing charges?

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Vext sounds like a wanker.... i wonder who will sing for Divine Heresy now?

they could get the guy from Killswitch Engage... He sounds similar enough (looks sorta similar too)...
What a jealous ****. He was a ****ty vocalist anyway.
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