well I havent tried using ernie ball slinky strings I use much thicker strings cause I think it lasts more longer and It strengthens my finger but now I want to try it cause I think Ill be a lot more faster cause I see a lot of shredders dont use thick strings....
I've played in Drop C with 9s (Ernie ball super slinkies), and I had no problems, strings weren't too loose, although they were a bit. Could play quite fast, tuning was stable.

I guess small strings do help, as, in standard tuning obviously, I can play quite nciely, nice vibrato with my left hand, etc. Larger strings could mean more effort.
I like small strings though, they feel like part of me, and I feel in control of them.
And my fingers are long (or average) but thin (ish), suit me well.
Sunn O))):
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i think that playing an acoustic with this strings helps with speed, clarity and strength. just go for that for a bit then go to your smaller stringed electric.

but maybe its just me...
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