Now I know they're very different, but they seem to be the two preferred guitars in the $500 ball park. Post general comments on the quality of the two, and any significant differences in value. Also I would be interested to hear comments on the different models of each... ie HSS Strat, Custom Les Paul etc.
What genres do you play?
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this'll be interesting.
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The MIM Strat isn't a knock off because it is a Fender, and Epiphone is owned by Gibson, so it isn't really a knock off either.

But we can't help you unless you tell us what genres you play, and what amp you have.
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Theres nothing "knock-off" about a MIM. Everything is American except for the guy name Filepe that put it together.
It really depends on your genre. i personally prefer the Les Paul. I like the warm tone and the thickness of the neck. i don't really like the feel of the strat as much. Plus, neither of them are knock offs. They're basically just generic versions of their Gibson/ Fender counter parts.
Im not asking what I should get, I prefer the humbucker on my Ibanez now, and tend to play with a little more gain, so I think I'll be going with the Les Paul (not to mention the vastly superior looks IMO.) Also I know they are not truly knock offs, but they are guitars purchased because you can't afford the real thing. No one prefers Epiphones to Gibsons.

Again I'm not looking for advice per se, just some commentary. If you have either of these tell me what you like, dislike. If you know anything about the models of either, particularly the Les Paul, what added features does it have, and were they worth the added expense?
I think prolly a better comparison is Squier to Epi, seeing as they're both like the daughter companies of Fender and Gibson respectively. MIM Strats are still Fenders and while I would rather save up a couple hundred or more to get American, I'd take a real deal Fender over an Epi any day.
Really Sharck? You think comparatively the overall quality (not tone or sound quality so dont tell me again that its apples and oranges) of the MIM Strat is better than Epi Les Paul? Is it true the MIM is American made parts just assembled in Mexico? I've heard the Epi Les Paul has an obnoxiously wide fingerboard, anyone agree disagree? Anyone have any idea of the ruggedness of either?