I posted this a while back.
But I made enough changes to merit a repost.

This is everything but the breakdown.
It is odd meter and I don't feel like figuring it out.
-Caleb J.
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I really liked it, the name you gave it really gave a feel to it.

It seems....well, like a very destructive song.

I have to learn a lesson on drums from you, the drums you have on this track are amazing.
9/10 No questions.

Yes, poop.
well i never heard the original so this is new ears to this song
right from the start i loved it, totally awesome in every sence of the word
didnt find any big errors anywhere ecept mabey the 32nd tuplets that didnt complete the bar haha
my only complaints are that its not finished [get that break down out] and that at times your drumming sounds sloppy, but only a little bit
outside of those it was great, had a really cool feel to it
overall id say a 9/10, only for the incompleteness of it
great job

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