It's the same case, but i can't decide on color. I'm getting an Agile AL-3000prestige black, and i'm just stuck between these two cases.

Black Case

Brown Case

I kind of want the black one, but i'm thinking it might be too much black, and the brown one has, i guess you'd say, more flavor, class to it. And it's starting to grow on me, but i still can't decide, i like them both.

Soo... which one would you guys prefer?

EDIT: Does anyone know what that big pink clothe sitting beside the brown case is?

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Black case. That brown is a bit of a funny colour I think.
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Brown and black clash with each other. Go with black.
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The brown case just looks weird, I'm not sure why. Go with black, I say.
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How about you pick the case that you like? Not the case that the general population likes.
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...how about u look at some different cases?

'cause these are like the only cases on their site that look worth a crap. And i'm not ordering my guitar without a case.