Hiya ive been playing my guitar for 2 months now and i need help with my strumming

I can strum thats not the problem but i want to learn new songs and i dont know the strumming for them

I try listening to the music and it doesnt help me realli .. can anyone suggest anyway i can try and find out the strumming for songs

i searched on here and got no where

if any one could tell me the strumming for big girls dont cry by fergie

and i play avril lavigne - nobodys home .. i use the strumming pattern down, down, up, down, up, down throughout the whole song .. is that right??

can anyone help me please?
strumming isn't an exact science. you don't have to know the exact up down pattern to every song you play.
you should keep your arm moving to every beat down up down up wether or not theres a note to play. Maybe that will help you figure out which notes are up. But i suggest to find a live youtube video of the song. Usually you can tell if its a upstrum , it will be a high note to low note strum.