Hey does anyone remeber that commercial for walk for life or heart or some kinda charity with that song in the background ?

I dont know the name of the song or the singer and unless youve seen the commercial and like the song you will no doubt have absolutly no clue what Im talking about, but if you do, in fact, know what im refering to could you please tell me who it is or what the songs called? or go one step past awesome and tab it out for me/ us
Have you tried google or even youtube? You can find all kinds of commercials on youtube and most of the time someone has already identified the song in it. That's what I do.
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k, I found it .....on google!! thanks for the obvious but needed help.lol. The irony is when I first looked for it this post was the first thing that came up....not much help.....
but underneath it was this link

www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=865006 - 51k

anyway, Its Justin Hines - wish you well
and the above link has some preliminary tabbing in it for anyone else looking for it. Still if anyone has a full tab can you post it?