one very d'addario exl120 nickel steel it says something about "prevents premature fret wear"

is that just marketing or do they really do less fret wear than say nickel-steel Eb's or DRS?
Cant imagine one brand of nickel/steel will cause less wear than another brand of nickel/steel. Playing style has alot to do with it. Some have a real light touch some strangle the fret board. I can tear up a set of regular frets in 2 weeks. So all my guitars have stainless frets, fret wear really isnt an issue anymore.
they can help prevent fret wear, but it doesnt necessarily do a good job at it.

NEVER buy d'addarios
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NEVER buy d'addarios

let me guess... you use ernieball slinkys?

strings are all personal preference (for the most part).

i use d'addarios. they're cheap and they last
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I used D'Addarios, they cut my frets really badly, weirdly. I use pretty hefty strings, but Ernie Balls don't do that with me.
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I've used D'Addarios as my main strings for over around 15 years and have been playing for around 22 years. I switched as I was using 11 guage strings and kept having issues with my g strings breaking with all the other brands I tried. Slinkies were decent, but not as available in the 11 guage with an unwrapped g string. In my peak playing days, I would play anywhere from 5 to 6 hours a day and did not have excessive fret wear using a variety of different strings. I would say don't worry about it, strings are largely a matter of personal taste more than anything.