I've always wanted to try this, but I never got around to it. The lack of an echo/delay pedal might have something to do with it. Are there any specific ways to play? Does it only work on a Les Paul shape?
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It will work on any guitar. It's not really recommended for extended use, because of the fact that rosin is a pretty nasty substance that will stick to ALL of your hardware and cause a couple of problems.

If you still want to, you must first sacrifice your strings by coating the playing area with LOTS of rosin.

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There's a couple of issues that arise when trying to use a bow on the guitar. First is the bridge curvature; on a normal guitar (where the bridge is flat and the strings fairly level) you can only play the high and low E strings, or all the strings at the same time.
Second issue is the clearance on the sides of the body for the bow to move. Have you noticed the cutouts on the sides of a violin? That's what they're there for. Plus their bridges are high enough to allow the bow to move in angles.

I haven't seen a guitar being played with a bow... does anyone do it?
I imagine you either have to heavily modify the guitar or it will just be a gimmick like make some weird sounding chords or just playing an E string...

PS. Having played the violin for almost a decade, I double the comment about the resin... it will stick to everything and will be a bitch to remove.
Jimmy Page and Jonny Greenwood have done it.
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Page did it but he also said he bought warped violin bows in bulk as the strings destroyed the bows pretty quick. A cheap bow is like 10 bucks but the hair used will break pretty quick so you might not get much use out of it before needing another bow or getting it fixed. Ive seen a guitar made for this use it had a custom bridge like a violin on it which made it pretty much useless for anything else.
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Jimmy Page and Jonny Greenwood have done it.

+ the dude from Whitesnake but hes obsessed with Page
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That's interesting... so those guys managed to somehow play individual notes from all the strings on an unmodified guitar with a bow?
of course not, they just made do with what was possible
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That's interesting... so those guys managed to somehow play individual notes from all the strings on an unmodified guitar with a bow?


as far as live, if im not mistaken, page's sound was pretty rough...