Just a question: Do moderators have to power to read any PM's that are in our profile inbox? - - - - -If they wanted to that is......
Punctuation it the difference between:
"I help my Uncle Jack off a horse."
"i helped my uncle jack off a horse"

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..and how do i make the bridge erect. ..

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make it watch porn?

I don't believe so - I've complained to mods before when I've been harassed over PM various times and I've needed to forward the messages to the mods.
vBulletin doesn't allow access to that for anyone. That being said, an admin with access to the database server can read any PMs still in an inbox, but that's a royal pain, and I do mean royal.

So, no.

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It really does relieve stress. I was pissed off for a week because I didn't jerk off, so if you quit it you will go mad.
I don't think that's the correct use of the phrase "going mad."