hey everyone,

I'll cut to the chase, I'm having a couple of problems with my bass. Firstly, I want to raise the pickups but everytime i try anything they just fall back down are move around too much.

Secondly, my bass makes a very loud hum when i put it through an amp, obviously, the louder you are, the louder the hum but this is rediculous especially when compared to my other bass. Also the volume doesn't seem to be half as loud as my other bass, just wondering whether this is an input problem or what.

Solutions to both would be ace.

Its this bass - http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/en/stagg-bc-300-fusion-bass/9915

Thanks alot guys/girls
try to get farther away from your amp when you play and try to move around the room until the hum goes away. it may be your cable too. for the bass being not as loud, just roll up the volume. unless you have to turn it up all the way to get a good sound you have problems.

EDIT: or try getting a higher quality bass if you can.
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As much of an arse comment that was, I have to agree.
My £150 hummed and buzzed a heck load.

If you touch the strings and they hum, and not touching them stops it, then the polarity has been switched or some shiz like that, that's what it was with mine.
Never managed to be fixed though, just get a new bass IMO.
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pups maybe too high
also you could have a bad jack
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springs in the pickup arent very good?
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have you checked the JACK- IN socet maybe there could be something wrong with it. My first bass did the same it was fine one day and the next it wasnt.
the springs under the pickups might be ****ed. you said youve had the bass for a few years, well stag basses are cheap so they arnt really expected to last. also the hum, u might have to ground your bridge or the actice electronics are oxidising.
i got that bass

u cant do anythin 2 fix that bass ive tryed to fix mine for the past year

my advice save up for a new bass
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i got that bass

u cant do anythin 2 fix that bass ive tryed to fix mine for the past year

my advice save up for a new bass

Easily fixed. New input, abit of time[thats an overstatement] and it's done.

My advice, actually look into fixing a bass as opposed to jumping ship.