I want to increase the string gauge on my G&L, but I'm a bit lost. I'm going from a 9-46 set to a 10-52 set. My bridge is completely floating, it pivots in both directions with the tremolo. Naturally, when I tried to put them conventionally without any adjustments, my bridge was pulled far out of it's normal position, lifting up quite a bit. What adjustments do I have to make to set up my guitar for these strings?

This is a guess, but I'm thinking it has to do with the two large screws in the tremolo cavity. Help me out?
you need to tighten the springs on the back on the the trem so that it sits in the same postion as witht he lighter guage strings

look it up on google or summet

its a problem with my edge pro 3 bridge on my ibanez
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SO to do that, I do have to screw the two claw screws deeper into the body?

Yes. screw them in until you get your desired tuning. Kahlers rock with this problem xD