I know this is a guitar forum, but I play my drums a hell of a lot more than my guitar or bass, and I figured there has to be at least a couple people here who play drums. Hence a topic.
My kit:

my cymbals kinda suck, I've an 18" Zildjian ZBT crash, 14" ZBT hats, and a 20" Paiste PST 5 medium ride. My ride is easily the nicest cymbal I have. I want to get a 14" Wuhan China sometime soon, and possibly a Paiste Fast Crash. I've got a DW 5000 double pedal, which is amazing, and I managed to get it for about $140, which is a ****in' steal imo.

So, what about you guys? Any drummers here?
I've actually played drums longer than guitar, but I'm much better at guitar.

My set is a piece of ****. It's made by CB Drums, and it's the only one of that brand I've ever seen. The snare is all ****ed up and it's just a really bad kit. I have a Sabian B8 Crash and my hi-hats and ride say that they're made by Zildjian but it doesn't say a series or anything.
I'm no punk drummer....but I play them a lot better than I play bass, and especially guitar...I have...
a ddrum 4 piece shell pack (all maple shells) in blue sparkle.
20x22 bass (stock), 16x12 floor tom (clear emperor batter, coated ambassador bottom)
12x8 rack tom (same as floor),7x13 snare (stock)
i love it. my cymbals are crap except my new beat hats and a custom splash.
my band is here ------> myspace.com/weareattica
I play drums occasionally. I don't have a drumset, but I can do a beat and a few fills. I suck pretty bad, but not like some douchebag just hitting rnadom things thinking he saunds cool.
I have a drumset but I don't play it.
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Riot Riot Upstart.......your drum set looks as if you were playing for a hobo version of KISS.......I like that. A friend once wanted to pack his set in aluminium foil, yours looks like as if you did that.

Haha the picture makes it look a lot more sparkly than it actually is. It's a custom finish.
I've been playing for about a year and I've gotten pretty good. I can't do any crazy fills and **** but I can play through a set.
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^Part of the problem I have is stamina, like enough to play through a set. I've gotten to where I can play pretty fast but I run out of steam after like a song or two. I've been trying to the learn the flying fingers technique to build speed with less effort, it's tough though. Then again I've only been playing about five months.
I used to play, but then I sold my set. I pretty much sucked at drums, but I can play a few things, I'm much better at guitar.
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