Well the song is good, but the quality is crappy as hell! Kind of a pain to listen to because of the quality, but from what I heard it seemed very good. I'd recommend you to buy a Toneport or something like that in order to get better quality. But the thing in the beginning is pretty cool, where you kind of shift from rhythm to lead. It would me much more enjoyable if there was better quality on the recording though...

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that was
i dont think ive ever heard a deathcore song that i liked so much first listen through,
loved the sweeps proabably the most of everything there, so fast haha, and the breakdown near the end, absolutely awesome
id love to be more presice with the crit but, lacking the tabs, i already subscribed to your youtube, so if you wanna send them to me however

but overall i give this an 11/10
awesome song
and thanks for the crit on mine
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song 9/10
quality -5/10

I really like your style, its not just generic bull**** that i hear alot... you seem to put a lot of emotion into your playing....

The only part of the video (beside the quality) is towards the beginning, you used a few chords that just didn't seem to go with the rest of the song, I don't know... im not too good with that stuff

rock the **** out

My song, please crit
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ill be honest man, im not really into the whole tech death kinda stuff, but i do enjoy certain aspects of it and borrowing elements to use in my own compositions, and i can appreciate the technicailty
gotta say i enjoyed the sweeping at the beginning, i didnt really expect that, and alot of the riffs were pretty cool. better quality recording like the other guys have said wouldve been nice.. was that filmed on a phone? :O and id love to hear it with a drumtrack to see how it adds to the song