Well i got a saga tele kit and i was putting the neck on today and the ****ing cheap screws broke off at the head when i was screwing them in. 3 out of the 4 broke so now i have 3 screws stuck in the neck joint attached to the neck. the same thing happened with one of the jack screws.

i have no idea what to do now to save this project from the trash. everything else is fine, its just they are stuck in there and i dont know how to remove them safely.

thanks a lot
If the head has just been stripped so that you cant use a screwdriver, then you can buy a screw extracter, not sure how much they are, but basically they remove the screw with little to no damage to the surrondings.

Hope this helps
no the head literally broke off. heres some pics. it was hard to really get a picture but you can kinda see whats going on.

the gap where you can see the screws:

the head near the hole:

and the pile of what i was able to remove from the guitar:
just curious, why didn't you stop when you broke the first screw, It probably isnt the screws, my guess is you used an electric drill to screw them in and screw them much to hard and they snapped. I have no idea what you can do to fix what happened to you. the same thing happened to me before but I only screwed in one screw.
YOu could drill out the screws (with a metal-shredding bit) then just replace the screws with something a little bigger.
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I think strat212 means use a pair of easy-outs. I've used them on everything from wood working projects to lawn tractor engines. You just need a fairly powerful screwdriver.
What if you put a flat wedge in the gap and gently leveraged the neck off pulling the screws threw and grabing them with vise-grips?
i agree with the above couple of posts, if you can somehow yank the neck (screws and all) out, it wouldn't be a bad thing as the holes in the body should eventually be wider than the holes in the neck. if you can do that and use a monkey wrench to unscrew the broken screws from the neck at that point, then widen the holes in the neck pocket enough so that the new screws you get can slide in and out without hanging up then you'll be good.
my solution is similar to rednwhite blues but a lot more destructive. it would require plugging all of the holes.
is that one screw bent at a 90 degree angle? lol
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alright im going to try to drill it out i guess. if that doesnt work for whatever reason, then idk. im having wiring problems now when i tested it too because i cant find a diagram for the funky switch it has. who knows what the future holds for this guitar
That sucks, it happened to me before with one screw, I ended up breaking the wood a bit and then filling, luckily it want a great guitar.
no they are all on one side of the the switch, like they are mounted on the face of the big left side. there are 3 in a column on one side near one switch direction, 3 on the other side, and 1 in the middle with a wire already connected that goes to the pots. i think its a grounding issue. when i plugged it in to test the switch to make sure it was wired right, i was getting a huge hum if i wasnt touching metal. i will try to get pics tommorow
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i would try drilling through the old screw carefully with a metal drilling/shredding bit as mentioned above, VERY carefully, amke sure you are going straight down on it, not at an angle or anything.
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magnets to take the screws out!

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