this is one of those recordings I just do every once in a while to listen to myself and see where I'm at/how I'm improving. I've been playing for about 2 and a half years now, and this is definitely just as far or farther than I was hoping I'd be at this point (especially without lessons). any comments are always appreciated and will by returned with any comments you need on your recordings.

I used my boss rc20xl to record the backing track and for my solo tone used boss distortion and the de7 delay/echo pedal. definitely my favorite tone I've found so far with my guitar.

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it's kind boring listening to that for 7 minutes, but i realize that's not the point of it.
your playing was pretty good, especially since I'm assuming that was done in one take.
even though I'm no expert, I'll give you a few tips.
-with a very clean oriented backing track, i would've started out with a very small amount of distortion if any at all.
-there wasn't much dynamics in your playing, you played fast at times, but there wasn't really a peak. You could've done like i suggested and started out playing a cleaner tone and play low key and gradually work up to peak, then switch to distortion.
-technique wise i can't really think to tell you anything besides that i personally would bend more notes.
- not a big deal, but there was some out of place licks in there, it happens though.

That was pretty good though, i liked your phrasing on a lot of it.
I don't need any return comments or anything, the stuff up on my profile has been there for ages, i just happened to see this on the front page.
it works, link that is,,, but its not a great solo, for two years slef taught not great, u dont practise enough! the fast ploaying is good but out of time with the bcking track, u take no heed of the rythm in it
i have that same guitar. IT SUCKS =(

but yeah same thing everyone else said, its kind of boring to listen for 7 minutes straight...hardly any variation, but its not bad by any means.
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well, tbh i didnt like it very much but i cant say i can do it better!
koolcow, what don't you like about the guitar? I happen to love it!

everyone else, thanks for the comments... I know it's not great compositionally, it was more of let my fingers go for a while and see if they come up with anything I like. anyone have any suggestions on how to make a backing track not as boring on just a loop pedal? I understand how it gets repetitive to listen to because it's the same thing over again. should I just make a longer, more varied loop?